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Definition: The 2011.03-maintenance branch is a branch made based on the Release-2011.03 release tag in the metadata.

Getting the stable branch

First download the main branch in the usual way

git clone git://git.openembedded.org/openembedded

then take a look at available branches in the main repository

git branch -a

now you can get the stable branch with

git checkout -b 2011.03-maintenance origin/2011.03-maintenance

and verify the branch where you are working now

$ git branch
* 2011.03-maintenance

Dealing with changes

This branch is being run on a 'pull model' where in all changes will be pushed into the branch by Tom Rini. Changes may be submitted via the openembedded-devel mailing list as patches or as =git pull= requests to branches that reside in some publicly available git tree. Unless specific to code that no longer resides in a non-maintenance branch (ie master here or oe-core / meta-oe / etc) code must be a backport and should say where the code already resides (for ease of review, interoperability checking and so forth).

What is supported

The following combinations are supported by volunteers in this branch:

Distribution Machines Image / Feed / etc target
angstrom-2008.1 beagleboard, hawkboard, am180x-evm, am3517-evm, am37x-evm, am389x-evm, c6a816x-evm, da830-omapl137-evm, da850-omapl138-evm, dm355-evm, dm357-evm, dm365-evm, dm37x-evm, dm6446-evm, dm6467-evm, dm6467t-evm, omap3evm, qemuarm, qemumips, qemuppc, qemux86, efika  ?

If you would like to see something else supported please speak up and volunteer to support it.