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This page is intended to make the live of new developers easier. Feel free to add all your usual bitbake commands to this page

Start a build

To get a package build just type

 bitbake foo

where foo is the name of the package without any extension or version number.

Clean up

 bitbake -c clean foo

This command will clean up your tmp dir for the given package. It is very useful if you work on a new .bb recipe. Without it your changes to the recipe may not work.

Working with tmp/work

A thing you usually do not want to miss is to be able to recompile your source code if you change a line in it.

 bitbake -f -c compile foo

will only recompile your source nothing else after that do a

 bitbake foo

to get a new package

How to convert the hardware platform of OE from ARM into X86

I need to convert the hardware platform of OE from ARM into X86,but I don't know the correct step, I tried as follows:

     Change the contents of file  ~/stuff/build/conf/local.conf, the changes are:
                          MACHINE = "i586-generic";
                          #TARGET_ARCH = "arm"
                          TARGET_OS = "linux"

then, build ,but a error occured:

 ERROR: Build of /home/build/stuff/openembedded/packages/xorg-lib/ do_compile failed
 ERROR: Task 3164 (/home/build/stuff/openembedded/packages/xorg-lib/, do_compile) failed

Now,I don't know what to do, I tried to do some changes,but this error still exit,call for help!

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