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This page contains information about devices (machines) that are supported in OE.

Machines Comparison

Machine CPU Ram Display Network Storage Input Other hardware Drivers freeness Last stable Kernel version Compatible Distributions(as in conf/distro in the openembedded tree)
Openmoko Gta02 ARM920T@400Mhz(arm v4t) 128MB 480x640 touchscreen(glamo graphic chip) wifi(ar6k) 256MB flash,micro-sd slot Ti calypso GSM,GPRS modem,GPS 100% free driver(but 3 firmwares: gsm,wifi and gps) 2.6.24 Openmoko,angstrom
Nokia N800 OMAP2420@400 MHz 128MB 800x480 touchscreen wifi 256MB,2SDHC slots GPS sound,power management,wifi(need a proprietary userland calibration tool),dsp are not free  ? mamona,others?