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When a build fails, it is often useful to interactively build the part that is failing. Because OE sets up the build environment, it may not be obvious how to quickly reproduce such an environment.


One technique that can be use is:

  • cd into tmp/work/<failing package dir>/<failing package build dir>
  • copy ../temp/run.do_compile.. x (or do_install or whatever task is failing)
  • edit x and replace the do_compile (at the end of the file) function call w/ bash
  • ./bash --norc (you now have a shell w/ the environment set up properly for doing a build)
  • make (debug issues, etc)
  • exit (when done to go back to shell without run.do_compile settings)

Setup devshell

The above is mainly for illustration purposes. A better/quicker way to set up a development shell is this.

  • Add 'devshell' to your local.conf's INHERIT variable and enjoy the power of devshell by running it like this:
bitbake -c devshell <target>
  • You now have all the environment variables set up to correctly to run configure, make, etc.