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Gibson Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

October 9, 2015 at 0900 - 1700 in the Cordoba room


  • Treasurer report
  • Election of new members
  • Replace Leon on board



  • Denys 'denix' Dmytriyenko
  • Sean 'darknighte' Hudson
  • Philip 'Crofton' Ballister
  • Richard Purdie (proxy for Paul Eggleton + David Stewart)
  • Saul Wold
  • Anders Darander
  • Changhyeok Bae
  • Trevor Woerner
  • Marco Cavallini
  • Beth Flanagan
  • Belen Barros Pena
  • Koen Kooi
  • Paul Eggleton
  • Ashish S
  • Michael Halstead
  • Mark Hatle
  • Armin Kuster

Non members present and elected to become members

  • Nicolas Dechesne

Non members not present but elected to become members

  • Trevor Woerner
  • Gary Thomas
  • Tim Orling
  • Apelete Seketeli

Meeting notes

Meeting opened 09:30

  • Atendees Documented

Financial Summary Presented

  • no financial events in 2015 to date
  • current bank account in Germany, E 1731, unchanged from last year
  • small donation to prove out SPI path in US, $ 181
  • taxes: exempt 2010-2012 (3 yr cycle) confirmed by DE tax dept, 2013-2015 cycle still in progress
  • $ 50 US on hosting/dns undeclared, no other expenses expected
  • SPI is a 501c3 nonprofit in the US, provides services to nonprofits including OE
  • don't want to do our own 501c3 due to paperwork
  • proposed plan to move funds, but no one has access to account
  • Yocto Project provided room, Philip provided stickers
  • Treasurer report approved

New member vote

  • New member vote for all new members except gary
    • Passed with all in favour
  • New member vote for Gary
    • Two objections were raised, all others were in favour

Member expiration

  • Member expiration needs to be handled
  • Added as an agenda item for next board meeting
    • Board expects to provide feedback to members within one month

e.V. structure

  • Discussion about e.V. structure and whether it still works for the project
  • Board recommends replacing the e.V. with something else, exact proposal to be determined in 18 months
  • Historically, three things were and are needed for the project. These resulted in the formation of the e.V.
    • Financial
    • Ownership (e.g. domain names)
    • Decision making ability (which implies membership list)
  • Currently, the financial issues are covered by SPI, others open question
  • Goal is to get the OE membership more involved by reducing the overhead involved with the e.V.
  • Members present had no objections for board looking into this
  • By the next GA, the board plans to have a proposal to vote on
    • Must be well in advance for proxy instructions


  • Koen formally resigned from TSC
  • Board needs to setup TSC elections
  • General discussion about the role of the TSC

Meeting Closed at 14:05

Financial Summary

  • OpenEmbedded e.V. bank accounts hold EUR 1731. SPI account holds EUR 127.
  • Overhead due to lack of German address and language barriers, we now have a German volunteer that provides us with a German address for tax declarations etc. and proxies postal documents.
  • Exempt from taxes over 2010, 2011 and 2012.
  • Spending were USD 50 (Philip?) on hosting, not yet declared.
  • Received EUR 128 worth of donations via SPI http://www.spi-inc.org/donations/
  • Treasures report approved

Action Items