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== Attendance ==
== Attendance ==
* Leon
* Leon 'likewise' Woestenberg
* Philip "Crofton" Balister
* Philip "Crofton" Balister
* Denys 'denix' Dmytriyenko
* Denys 'denix' Dmytriyenko

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Congress Centre Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany

October 14, 2014 at 1300 - 1500 in room 111 (room changed, was 10 before).


  • Financial report
  • Election of new members
  • Discussion about future of e.V. (started in 2013)



  • Leon 'likewise' Woestenberg
  • Philip "Crofton" Balister
  • Denys 'denix' Dmytriyenko
  • Sean 'darknighte' Hudson
  • 'Khem' Raj
  • Andrea 'g1zer0' Galbusera
  • Marco 'mckoan' Cavallini - (proxy for Andrea 'ant_work' Adami)
  • Martin 'JaMa' Jansa
  • Mark 'fray' Hatle
  • Henning "woglinde" Heinold
  • Anders Darander
  • Leon Woestenberg
  • Richard Purdie (proxy for Paul Eggleton + David Stewart)
  • Koen Kooi (proxy Graeme)

Non members present and elected to become members

  • Nicolas Dechesne

Non members not present but elected to become members

  • Trevor Woerner
  • Gary Thomas
  • Tim Orling
  • (need name from Crofton)

Meeting notes

Meeting opened 13:05 Atendees Documented Financial Summary Presented

  • Various forms had to be filed
  • Challenges due to lack of German address and language barriers
  • SPI Account created with one donation
  • No other changes to accounts
  • Treasures report approved

New member vote, all except gary, all in favour New member vote for Gary, two objections all others in favour Note member expiration as agenda for next board meeting, feedback to members within one month Discussion about e.V. structure and whether it still works for the project Boards recommends replacing the e.V. with something else, exact proposal to be determined in 18 months Three things which were needed resulting in the e.V. (which are still needed):

  • Financial
  • Ownership (e.g. domain names)
  • Decision making ability (which implies membership list)

Financial issues covered by SPI, others open question Ideally involve OE membership more No objections for board looking into this Next GA needs proposals to vote on, in advance for proxy instructions Koen resigns from TSC Note board needs to deal with TSC elections Discussion about the role of the TSC Officially Closed 14:05

Action Items