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OpenEmbedded booth


You are going to FOSDEM and can spend some time at the OpenEmbedded stand to explain interested individuals the virtues of OpenEmbedded? Add your name and on which day you'll be available.

  • Philip Balister (Sunday)
  • Andreas Müller (Saturday+Sunday)
  • Togán Labs: Paul, Beth and Aoife (Saturday+Sunday)


A bunch of tasks need to be carried out to make our attendance a pleasant experience. Each task needs a volunteer who is willing to help.

Event box


  • Arduino Yún (Paul Barker)
  • Raspberry Pi (Paul Barker)
  • Laptop to demo toaster web interface (Paul Barker)

Flyers and posters

You can bring and/or print OpenEmbedded flyers and posters? Add your name and what you'll bring.

I have more OpenEmbedded stickers, Philip (Crofton)

Power extensions, adapters and other stand material

  • 2x UK->EU power adaptors + 2x 4-way UK power strips