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What OpenEmbedded can do

You wonder what OpenEmbedded is about, need to know whether it fits your particular requirement or need this info for an OpenEmbedded flyer? Have a look at the list below.

PS: People who know a particular feature not mentioned here are asked to add it to the list. :)


  • cross-compile packages for various CPU architectures like x86, x86_64/amd64, powerpc, arm (various generations), mips, avr32
  • build complete bootable distributions that can be installed on flash or SD/MMC media
  • build compatible package for non-OpenEmbedded based distributions like Maemo, OpenWRT or various 'vendor Linuxes'
  • build thousands of software packages using all kinds of programming languages and runtime environments like C/C++, Perl, Python, Java, Mono
  • create binary packages in IPK, RPM, DEB or tar.gz format
  • choose from a wide range of C libraries as the base of your distribution: glibc, uclibc or eglibc
  • optionally employ Debian-like naming on binary packages (e.g. libfoo)
  • create complete toolchain packages for your target system which can be deployed on application developer machines


  • reproduceable builds (let two persons with two different machines but same setup create the same binary)
  • strongly self-hosting, requires only a minimum of tools to be installed right away