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The term "legacy staging" refers to recipes or classes which have a do_stage function for populating the sysroot directories that we use for building rather than having a do_install that works, along with post install functions to mangle the contents as needed.

Koen has provided a mini cheat sheet for converting the do_stage functions to do_install functions:

  * STAGING_BINDIR -> ${D}${bindir}
  * STAGING_INCDIR -> ${D}${includedir}
  * STAGING_LIBDIR -> ${D}${libdir}
  * STAGING_DATADIR -> ${D}${datadir}
  * And if your recipe uses BBCLASSEXTEND = native *and* 'make install' doesn't do the job (e.g. using do_install_append), use NATIVE_INSTALL_WORKS = "1"
  * If you use packaged-staging it's easy to do dpkg-deb -c on the staging packages before and after the changes.

To see what recipes that *you* are currently building and make use of legacy staging, see the legacy-staging.log file in your TMPDIR.

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