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* Brian Hutchinson
* Brian Hutchinson
* Tim Orling (moto-timo)
* Tim Orling (moto-timo)
* Michael Halstead (halstead) day 1 only
* Michael Halstead (halstead)
* <your name here>
* <your name here>

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OpenEmbedded Developers America Meeting

The OpenEmbedded Project is holding a developers meeting May 2-3, 2014, in Santa Clara, CA. This meeting is co-located with the Embedded Linux Conference North America. All active OpenEmbedded developers are invited to attend.

Contact Jefro with any questions.

Location & Time

May 2-3, 2014
9am - 5pm

Ettus Research / National Instruments
4600 Patrick Henry Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA

I am looking into providing coffee and tidbits in the mornings. I may wait until the day of the event to see how many people actually show up, so don't plan on a caffeine injection before 10am each day.

Lunches will be catered, restaurant TBD and I'm open to suggestions. Food trucks did not work out. The current plan is for catering by Old Ironsides Cafe on Friday, and possibly pizza on Saturday.

A fully hosted dinner party will be held at the Tied House Brewing Company in Mountain View, Friday May 2, 6pm-8pm. This venue is accessible by light rail or by car with free parking. If you can not make it to this event, please let Jefro know.

All meals provided by the Yocto Project Community Office

Carpools for the Tied House:

  • Jefro (room for 3 more)
  • JaMa (room for 3 more)


  • Have fun.
  • Get useful work done that benefits from high bandwidth interactions.
  • Get more people involved with the project at a higher level.

Working Agenda

This agenda is flexible, and meant to reflect the important issues in the OE community. Please feel free to contribute agenda items. We will finalize the agenda after introduction to maximize use of people's time.

  • Introductions. Be prepared to tell us who you are and how you use OpenEmbedded (and the Yocto Project)
  • The Yocto Project is supposed to make Embedded easy. What is still hard?
  • bug scrub (also bug collecting/wrangling)
  • ongoing role of the OE TSC
  • wiki/website organization
  • online voting
  • increasing the amount of hardware that works out of the box with oe-core + layers
  • next + 1 release
  • quality of meta-oe and what to do with it: http://lists.openembedded.org/pipermail/openembedded-devel/2014-March/094893.html
  • lune to replace sato?
  • developer community - outreach/recruiting/mentoring, new developer documentation, process and QA tools
  • image deployment/update best practices (shared yocto issue)
  • feedback on Toaster, the web interface for BitBake (some background in this thread https://lists.yoctoproject.org/pipermail/yocto/2014-April/018956.html)
  • infrastructure sync


  • Philip Balister (Crofton)
  • Richard Purdie (RP)
  • Mark Hatle (fray)
  • Khem Raj (khem)
  • Martin Jansa (jama)
  • Armin Kuster (akuster)
  • Jeff Osier-Mixon (jefro)
  • Alejandro del Castillo
  • Tom King (ka6sox)
  • Steve Arnold (mr_science/nerdboy)
  • Herb Kuta
  • Trevor Woerner (tlwoerner)
  • Sean Hudson (darknighte)
  • Denys Dmytriyenko (denix)
  • Toby Flynn
  • Adam Bell
  • Belen Barros Pena (belen)
  • Brian Hutchinson
  • Tim Orling (moto-timo)
  • Michael Halstead (halstead)
  • <your name here>