OEDEM 2016

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Location and Time

Friday, October 14 2016
(after ELC-E [Oct 11-13])

Specific location in Berlin will be announced later


Khem Raj "khem"

Armin Kuster "Armpit"

Marco Cavallini "mckoan"

Pierre-Jean Texier "pjtexier"

Koen Kooi "koen"

Anders Darander

Sean Hudson "darknighte"

Peter Kjellerstedt "Saur"

Josef Holzmayr "LetoThe2nd"

Vicentiu Neagoe

Nicolas Dechesne "ndec"

Denys Dmytriyenko "denix"

Philip Balister "Crofton"

Jan Lübbe "shoragan"

Enrico Jörns

Agenda Items

OpenEmbedded eV General Assembly Berlin,_2016

1) LTS 2) BSPs and layer name recommendations