OEDEM 2018

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Location and Time

Sunday, 21 October 2018 (before ELCE [October 22-24])

Expectation is to finish by 1800

Hilton Edinburgh Grosvenor 5-21 Grosvenor Street EH12 5EF Edinburgh


5 minute walk to Haymarket Train Station

No onsite car park. Ask Crofton if you need local parking information.


Yes, we know it is Sunday. Best we could do this year.

Attendance is capped at 40. Armin is the bouncer.

Remote conference link

Planning to Attend

  1. Khem Raj (khem)
  2. Armpit (Akuster)
  3. Philip Balister (Crofton)
  4. Denys Dmytriyenko (denix)
  5. Marco Cavallini (mckoan)
  6. Jan Lübbe (shoragan)
  7. Peter Kjellerstedt (Saur)
  8. Jeff Osier-Mixon (Jefro)
  9. Scott Murray (smurray)
  10. Ruslan Bilovol
  11. Phil Blundell
  12. Ross Burton (rburton)
  13. Richard Purdie (RP)
  14. Richard Leitner
  15. Jan-Simon Möller (dl9pf)
  16. Koen Kooi
  17. Robert Berger (will join in afternoon approx. 14:00?)
  18. Ulrich Ölmann (OnkelUlla)
  19. Trevor Woerner (tlwoerner)
  20. Matt Porter (mdp)
  21. Nicolas Dechesne (ndec)
  22. Grygorii Tertychnyi
  23. Behan Webster (behanw)
  24. Phil Wise (cajun-rat)
  25. Martin Hundebøll (hundeboll)
  26. Tim Orling (moto-timo)
  27. Bill Mills
  28. Kate Stewart
  29. Jeff Morrison
  30. Alan Wang
  31. Andrea Galbusera (gizero)
  32. Ricardo Salveti (rsalveti)
  33. Christopher Clark (xtopher)
  34. Rich Persaud
  35. Michael Halstead (halstead)
  36. Changhyeok Bae (chbae)
  37. Kyungjik Min
  38. Earnest Son

Agenda Items

OE Developers Meeting



ACTIONS identified in meeting:

Prior minutes

Minutes from Portland, Mar 2018: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1h_otwcH-6ej4URB5vER-7FpaPthrji3TpJWf5jAKRIk/edit?usp=sharing

Minutes from Prague, Oct 2017: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1R_pV_PumhZ9a8_aRDTuW7wBjqNwIDuau7FGr6sYYRu0/edit?usp=sharing

Minutes from Portland, Feb 2017: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ECCfBwdLUaW3I23RATWCU3kGnSh04Kv0DkH1_KfiLVA/edit?usp=sharing