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Here we have the current "janitor" tasks in OE. These are relatively simple, mechanical tasks which can be easily accomplished by someone who isn't an expert in the system, but which can help acclimate them to contributing to the project. Current tasks:

  • Conversion of FILESDIR to FILESPATHPKG =. or =. when still needed or simple removal in most cases.
  • Make recipes more conform a standard layout (see also contrib/, which can be of help here). be careful though if require lines are moved. It is a good plan to test building a recipe after oe-stylizing it and use buildhistory to test for regressions.
  • Rework files dir. if there is only one recipe in the dir (like and the dir should be called x, if the patches are only for x_1 then the dir should be called x-1. Also check if the patches in it are still applied or only deadwood.