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Patchwork is a web-based patch tracking system designed to facilitate the contribution and management of contributions to an open-source project.

The URL for OpenEmbedded’s Patchwork installation is The installation is also accessible by the link in the navigation bar under oe services.

Apply patches

To apply a patch from the patchwork queue using Git, download the mbox file and apply it using

git am < file

If the submitter of the patch has not written the Subject of the email according to the OpenEmbedded policy for commit messages, then use

git commit --amend

to edit the commit message before you push.

You could also use the script in contrib/patchwork/ this script will fetch an 'mbox' patch from patchwork and git am it

usage: <number>
example: ' 221' will get the patch from

It is desirable to update the state of the patch in the patch queue. This could also be added to the script.

Update the state of patches

You have to register to be able to update the state of patches. You can use the Web interface or `pwclient`.


`pwclient` can be used for example to retrieve patches, search the queue or update the state.

All necessary information for `pwclient` is linked from the bottom of Use

./pwclient help

for an overview on how to use it.