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What is the OE sources mirror network?

Openembedded uses a large number of upstream sources for compilation. Quite naturally, given the sheer number, at any point in time, one can usually expect at least a few of them to be either temporarily or permanently unavailable. This leads to avoidable user frustration and lost time. The solution is for the Openembedded project to provide a mirror of all the sources used in the recipes as a fallback of last resort. This is done in the OE sources mirror network which has two components.

  • the main mirror is currently hosted on melo. It aims to have a complete copy of free-to-publish sources used by the current branch (the stable branch may be added later)
  • a swarm of possibly incomplete source mirrors provided by the community and load-balanced via DNS round robin. They act as a first line of defense and lower bandwidth for the main mirror.

Fetching from these mirrors is transparent to the user and enabled by default in the dev branch.

How can I become a member in the network?

tbd. right now, ask Laibsch in IRC if you want to help