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OE Technical Steering Committee

The TSC consists of 5 people who are elected by, and ultimately be answerable to, the members of the OpenEmbedded organisation.

Here is the working copy of the new TSC charter.

The TSC meets on an irregular basis, but is happy to hold meetings on request if there are issues to discuss.

The TSC discusses technical issues for the direction of OpenEmbedded. Note that the TSC is NOT chartered with actually doing all of the work discussed, but they do make every effort to locate resources to do that work.


In order by election:

  • Martin Jansa (JaMa) - elected Jun 2015
  • Richard Purdie (RP) - elected Oct 2015
  • Khem Raj (khem) - elected Oct 2015
  • Paul Eggleton (bluelightning) - elected Oct 2015
  • Mark Hatle (fray) - elected Oct 2015

Each member serves a two-year term. During election time, one member may stand for election every two months.


On a day-to-day basis the TSC is responsible for making tactical policy decisions, resolving disputes between contributors, administering access control to the git tree, and generally promoting good development practice.

Decision Making

Decisions are made where necessary by majority vote. Once a decision is made by the technical steering committee, the decision should be respected as a democratic decision.

TSC issue escalation procedure

The best way to agendize an issue for the TSC is to send email to one of the TSC members or to Jefro, the curator. The issue will be added to the agenda for the next meeting. If the issue is particularly urgent, a specific TSC meeting may be called.

TSC mailing list archive


Meeting Minutes

2013 Minutes

2012 Minutes

2011 Minutes

2010 Minutes