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Changing distro/machine

  • is it safe to change distro on the same oe tree? or mixed staged packages my produce unpredictible results?

It is not recommended as results can be disaster. Each distro can define other versions of each of libraries so in the end resulting packages are not what distro wants.

  • on angstrom build guide you can read that changing machine/libs is safe for *Angstrom*, is it safe for other distro too?

It is safe for any distro.

About The building time needed

  • I have several tries on building the very basic targets (bitbake nano/helloworld/task-base), every time it cannot complete in almost a whole night, on a Intel-3.2G-CPU/512M-Memory machine, so who can tell an approximate building time needed? On Day or one week? Thank you.

It depends on machine speed and amount of memory. On quad core Intel 2.4GHz with 4GB ram I am able to do console-image in 2-3 hours. But that can be also result of ccache being used with quite big storage used for caching. Build time can be longer for first build due to time required to fetch all sources so keep your DL_DIR outside of TMPDIR so next builds will use already fetched sources. You can also enable parallel make and use more BitBake threads to speed up build time (info how to do it ).

Bitbake GIT

  • The addition of the command to clone the bitbake tool will save time. The bitbake project homepage still list only the SVN repository. I have lost time to realize that bitbake repository is now in the openembedded site. Please add this somewere:
git clone git://

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