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Here is the content from the old wiki main page
= User manual =
There is the work in progress [http://www.openembedded.org/user-manual reference manual for OE] available in the following formats: <a href="/user-manual">HTML</a>.
Please check it, as it is updated often. It needs your contribution, too.
= OpenEmbedded Wiki =
This wiki contains various topics of relevance to OpenEmbedded.
== OE Developer Wiki ==
=== Getting started with OE and bitbake===
* [[Required software]] - Software you'll need on your system to use OE
* [[Getting started]] - Instructions on setting up and using OpenEmbedded
* [[MonotonePhraseBook]] - We use Monotone for version control. Right now, monotone is not really fast especially if you have a lot of revisions to incorporate, but its performance increases with each new version released. So, if you tried mtn a few months ago, try the latest version now - you will be amazed how it is progressed.
* [[OEandYourDistro|OpenEmbedded and your distribution]] - Instructions on using OE with specific base systems/distributions
* [[UsefulConfigurations|Useful configurations]] - Details of some of the more common/useful configuration options
* [[UsefulTargets|Useful targets]] - Details of some of the commonly used and more useful OE targets
* [[OeFaq]] - Questions, answers, and solutions to problems
* [[IceCC]] - Compiling on a cluster of machines
=== Documentation ===
* [http://bitbake.berlios.de/manual BitBake Users Manual] - Read about the .bb, .bbclass, and .conf file formats and core bitbake options.
* [[DirectoryStructure|Directory structure]] - Read about the OpenEmbedded directory structure.
* [[bbfile|Recipe format]] - Read about the .bb file format and variables used by OpenEmbedded.
<!-- * Read about how to deal with [[CommonProblems]]. -->
* Building and installing [[MinimalX86]] image (page missing)
* [http://www.trusted-code.de/paper/OpenEmbedded.pdf German Users Manual]
* [http://www.openembedded.info Another nice introduction on working with OE]
* [http://www.openembedded.org/screencasts/org.openembedded.htm Tutorial demonstrating how to set up OpenEmbedded]
* [http://www.cs.nmsu.edu/~pfeiffer/grub.html Tutorial demonstrating putting a bootable image on compact flash]
=== Developer Information ===
* [[Policies]] - The guidelines [[OpenEmbedded]] and its developers should adhere to.
* [[ReportBugs|Report bugs and patches]] - Please report only [[OpenEmbedded]] related bugs to [http://bugs.openembedded.org our bugtracker] and others bugs to the respective projects bugtrackers (eg. [http://opie-bugs.oszine.de/ Opie], GPE, OpenZaurus or [http://bugzilla.handhelds.org/ handhelds.org] bugtrackers).
* [http://bugs.openembedded.org Submitting Packages] - Add your packages as plaintext to our bugtracker.
* [[DevelopmentPlans|Development plans]] - How we intend to develop [[BitBake]]/OE.
* [[BitbakeBackground|Bitbake background]] - Past, present, and future of BitBake, a build tool used by OE.
* [[OpenEmbeddedMigration|OpenEmbedded migration]] monotone 0.27 migration.
* This wiki is Drupal-based and uses [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Editing MediaWiki] syntax.
=== Quality assurance ===
* [[QualityAssuranceArchitecture|Quality Assurance Architecture]] - Create and help with the OpenEmbedded quality assurance architecture.
* [[TinderBox|Sending build and test reports]] - Help to spot build regression by sending your bitbake build and [[BitTest]] reports to the dedicated [[TinderBox]]
* [[AutoBug|Automatically file bug reports on build failures]] - Configure your autobuild to automatically send bug reports to the bug tracker of your choiche.
* [[BitTest|Checking metadata]] - Help to improve the metadata correctness and consistency using [[BitTest]].
=== Publicity ===
* [http://openzaurus.org/wordpress/newsletters/ NewsLetters] - The OOO Newsletters
* [[PapersAndPresentations|Papers and presentations]] - Some presentations people have given about OE
* [[SuccesStories|Success stories]] - See who is using OpenEmbedded successfully in commercial, non-commercial, and research
* [[OeLocalGroups]]
=== General ===
* The [[ProjectDevices]] won at the [http://tuxmobil.org/linux_award.html TuxMobil GNU/Linux Award 2005] or donated by users.
* Wondering where all those developers are located?  koen has created a [http://ewi546.ewi.utwente.nl/maps/OE.php nice map] of some of them.
== OE-based Distribution Wiki ==
* [http://www.angstrom-distribution.org Ångström] - Ångström was started by a small group of people who worked on the OpenEmbedded, OpenZaurus and OpenSimpad projects to unify their effort to make a stable and userfriendly distribution for embedded devices like handhelds,set top boxes and network-attached storage devices and more.
* [http://www.jlime.com/ jLime] - Linux distribution for the HP Jornada and NEC Mobilepro series of handhelds.
* [http://meshcube.org/meshwiki/ Nylon] - Linux distribution for the [http://www.4g-systems.biz 4G AccessCube] (aka MeshCube) wireless mesh router.
* [http://owmnr.digital-opsis.com OWMNR] - A wireless router distribution for a number of architectures including x86,ppc and mips.
* [http://www.openmoko.org OpenMoko] - completely open stack for mobile smartphones.
* [http://opensimpad.org/ OpenSimpad] - Linux distribution for the Siemens SIMpad and the closely related german telecom's T-Sinus Pad.
* [http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/OpenSlug/HomePage OpenSlug] - Linux distribution for the Linksys NSLU2 Network Storage Appliance.
* [http://www.openzaurus.org/ OpenZaurus] - Linux distribution for the Sharp Zaurus series of handheld computers.
== OE Google Summer Of Code 2006 ==
* [[PackagedStaging]] Putting staging under package control to be implemented by Koen Kooi

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