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Here is the content from the old wiki main page

User manual

There is the work in progress reference manual for OE available in the following formats: <a href="/user-manual">HTML</a>.

Please check it, as it is updated often. It needs your contribution, too.

OpenEmbedded Wiki

This wiki contains various topics of relevance to OpenEmbedded.

OE Developer Wiki

Getting started with OE and bitbake

  • Required software - Software you'll need on your system to use OE
  • Getting started - Instructions on setting up and using OpenEmbedded
  • MonotonePhraseBook - We use Monotone for version control. Right now, monotone is not really fast especially if you have a lot of revisions to incorporate, but its performance increases with each new version released. So, if you tried mtn a few months ago, try the latest version now - you will be amazed how it is progressed.
  • OpenEmbedded and your distribution - Instructions on using OE with specific base systems/distributions
  • Useful configurations - Details of some of the more common/useful configuration options
  • Useful targets - Details of some of the commonly used and more useful OE targets
  • OeFaq - Questions, answers, and solutions to problems
  • IceCC - Compiling on a cluster of machines


Developer Information

Quality assurance



OE-based Distribution Wiki

  • Ångström - Ångström was started by a small group of people who worked on the OpenEmbedded, OpenZaurus and OpenSimpad projects to unify their effort to make a stable and userfriendly distribution for embedded devices like handhelds,set top boxes and network-attached storage devices and more.
  • jLime - Linux distribution for the HP Jornada and NEC Mobilepro series of handhelds.
  • Nylon - Linux distribution for the 4G AccessCube (aka MeshCube) wireless mesh router.
  • OWMNR - A wireless router distribution for a number of architectures including x86,ppc and mips.
  • OpenMoko - completely open stack for mobile smartphones.
  • OpenSimpad - Linux distribution for the Siemens SIMpad and the closely related german telecom's T-Sinus Pad.
  • OpenSlug - Linux distribution for the Linksys NSLU2 Network Storage Appliance.
  • OpenZaurus - Linux distribution for the Sharp Zaurus series of handheld computers.

OE Google Summer Of Code 2006

  • PackagedStaging Putting staging under package control to be implemented by Koen Kooi