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The test combinations are:
The test combinations are:
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{| class="sortable" border="1"
!'''machine'''  !!'''distro'''      !!'''target'''                          !!'''workstation'''    !!'''tester'''    !!'''last successful build'''  !!'''Current issues'''
!'''machine'''  !!'''distro'''      !!'''target'''                          !!'''workstation'''    !!'''tester'''    !!'''last successful build'''  !!'''Current issues'''

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The OpenEmbedded Testing branch is a git branch of the OE metadata with the goal of providing a provide a recent snapshot of OE that is known to be build-able for a subset of distros, machines, images, and host workstations. The goal of this effort is twofold:

  1. the testing branch represents a reasonably stable version of OE that builds for most tested combinations
  2. for all tested combinations, we list the last known-good-build tag so that users can always start with something that will build

The test combinations are:

machine distro target workstation tester last successful build Current issues
beagleboard angstrom-2008.1 beagleboard-linuxtag2010-demo-image Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit User:Cbrake testing_2010-08-23
beagleboard angstrom-2008.1 console-image Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit User:Cbrake testing_2010-08-23
bug20 angstrom-2008.1 openjdk-6 Debian Unstable 64-bit Stefan testing_2010-08-23
efikamx minimal native-sdk-image ubuntu 10.10(Alpha) 64-bit User:khem testing_2010-08-23
omap5912osk minimal-uclibc native-sdk-image Debian Unstable 32-bit User:khem testing_2010-08-23
qemuarm minimal native-sdk-image ubuntu 10.10(Alpha) 64-bit User:khem testing_2010-08-23
qemumips minimal native-sdk-image ubuntu 10.10(Alpha) 64-bit User:khem testing_2010-08-23
qemuppc minimal native-sdk-image ubuntu 10.10(Alpha) 64-bit User:khem None fails to build sed
qemux86 minimal native-sdk-image ubuntu 10.10(Alpha) 64-bit User:khem None Fails to build acpid
qemumipsel minimal x11-image Slackware 13.1 64-bit User:grg testing_2010-08-23
qemuarm angstrom-2010.x x11-gpe-image Fedora 12 32-bit User:gthomas testing_2010-08-23
beagleboard angstrom-2010.x beagleboard-linuxtag2010-demo-image Fedora 12 32-bit User:gthomas None fails to build ti-dsplink
imote2 angstrom-2008.1 imote2-image Gentoo User:jic23 testing_2010-08-23

The general process for managing the testing branch is:

  1. Starting on Monday of every week, the dev.openembedded.org branch is branched to the testing-testing branch.
  2. Whoever creates the testing-testing branch sends an email to the oe-devel list with a subject of "testing branch YYYY-MM-DD". All volunteers start a clean build and build the combinations they test, update the above chart, and report status/issues as replies to the above email.
  3. If most combinations build by following Monday, the testing-testing branch is merged to the testing branch. Regardless, the repository is tagged with the testing_YYYY-MM-DD tag. An annotated tag is used with a message that includes a text copy of the above table with variations that have been tested building for this cycle. The reason we tag after testing is complete is so that we can include status in the annotated tag. This way information about what was tested with each tagged version is captured in the repository.
  4. If a build fails, then issues are reported, and we try to get issues fixed before the next weeks testing cycle.
  5. Not every combination is tested on every cycle, due to availability of testers, so we list the last known built version in the above chart. Testers are responsible for updating the above chart.
  6. All testers are encouraged to use Tinderbox so problems are automatically reported and logged, and issues in the above chart can be linked to Tinderbox.

We strongly encourage chip and SBC/Module vendors to become involved in this effort to ensure OE works for your platforms.