Upgrading packages

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NOTE: This page has been identified as having content that is significantly out-of-date, usually because it refers to OpenEmbedded-Classic - for new projects, you should use OpenEmbedded-Core.

See OpenEmbedded Wiki Update Project for more details.

Different layers have different policies for keeping versions of software around. Oe-Core for example is fairly aggrressive about having one, good, recent version of the software than many older versions. Other layers may have different policies.

There are two cases we need to consider:

  1. You do want to keep the version of the bb file that is in OE now (somebody else needs this particular version)
  2. You don't.

You do not need to keep the last version of the package

  1. Use "git-mv packages/$pkg/$file_v1.bb packages/$pkg/$file_v2.bb"
  2. make further changes to packages/$pkg/$file_v2.bb as appropriate.
  3. At the very minimum do a compilation test "bitbake $file" to make sure the new package does at least fetch and compile.
  4. inspect the output of "git diff packages/$pkg/". Is this really what you want to commit?
  5. Final step, publish your work. "git commit packages/$pkg/ && git push".

You do want to keep the last version of the package

Same as above, except instead of the first step:

cp packages/$pkg/$file_v1.bb packages/$pkg/$file_v2.bb
git-add packages/$pkg/$file_v2.bb