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OpenEmbedded needs to be present with a booth at conferences etc. For this the OEEV is planning to reimburse volunteers. This page is about collecting the information about travel costs and come to a conclusion of how much each helper is reimbursed and what the details for reimbursement are.


There should be at least 2 people per day at the OpenEmbedded booth. If the event is a short one like FOSDEM (2 days) it is fine if the same two people are there during the whole conference. People receiving travel grants are expected to spend at least 50% of their time at stand/booth. (Or arrange for someone to cover their time)

CeBIT lasts usually from Tuesday to Saturday and is a very busy event. Supporters should be changed every few days so that not one person mans the booth everyday.


Costs are estimated from US GSA per-diem rates. These are likely high, but should be well understood by corporate accountants. All numbers are in US dollars. Total assumes people leave the last day of the show, some people may need an extra night. On the other hand, the State department per-diem rates are much higher than most people need, so for budgetary purposes, the total should be good.

Event Dates People Days Hotel Meals Travel Total
SCALE Jan 20-22 2 3 125 71 400 1976
FOSDEM Feb 4-5 4 2 210 165 400 4600
CeBIT March 6-10 4 5 203 138 400 8420
Linuxtag May 23-26 4 4 268 161 400 8464

Total = (People x Days) x (Hotel + Meals) + Days x Travel

Costs for travel (saner numbers for Europe)

Transportation varies from 20€ (public transport) to 2000€ (late-booked flight ticket). We should pay up to 300€ for this.


Companies usually pay 24€ per day.


Hotels costs are in the range of 80 to 100€ per night.

U.S. Per diem rates

Foreign Per diem rates