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       managed to build a complete opie-image with
       openembedded. Read that my Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox is very similar
       to HP Ipaq 4000. So i built system for this machine type. Unfortunately
       the system does not start througth. It hangs after "freeing init
       memory:88k", then some lines appear with some bluetooth informations.
       That's all. System seems to run still, gives me some messages after i
       did some inputs to the touchscreen, maybe basic initialisation fails or
       there is something wrong with busybox?  Do you know what i can do to get
       opie, anstrong running on my machine? is it possible to generate a
       customized installation on openembedded for this kind of machines? 
       Thank you for any tip.
       Regards, harald.