Barcelona, 2012

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Hotel Fira Palace · Barcelona, Spain Nov 7, 2012 at 17:00.


  • Financial report
  • Board Elections, Dr. Michael Lauer, Florian Boor, and Philip Balister's terms are ending.


Attendence Record

(Proxies are in brackets)

  • Philip Balister (Denys Dmytriyenko, Steve Sakoman)
  • Stefan Schmidt (Michael Lauer, Simon Busch)
  • Jan Lübbe
  • Marco Cavallini (Frans Meulenbrooks)
  • Mark Hatle
  • Marcin Juszkiewicz
  • Richard Purdie (Dirk Hohndel)
  • Saul Wold
  • David Stewart
  • Scott Garman
  • Otavio Salvador
  • Andrei Gherzan
  • Khen Raj
  • Leon Woestenberg
  • Paul Eggleton
  • Andrea Adami
  • Anders Darander
  • Esben Haabendal
  • Koen Kooi (Tom Rini, Graeme Gregory)
  • Sean Hudson

Meeting notes

Philip presented Finance Report Main expenses on event box Vote in Otavio and Andrei Gherzan as new members of the e.V by acclemation TSC report

- Next election Jul 2013 for Richard
- reported on TSC activity, generally happy with the way its working
- noted that we need to publish minutes on time

Election of board members. Candidates, Philip Balister, Leon Woestenberg, Sean Hudson