Edinburgh, 2013

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Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Edinburgh, UK

October 25, 2013 at 1830 - 1930 in Harris 1.


  • Financial report
  • Election of new members


Attendence Record

(Proxies are in brackets)

  • Marco Cavallini 'mckoan' (proxying for Eric Bénard 'ericben')
  • Paul Eggleton 'bluelightning' (proxying for Andrea Adami 'ant')
  • Philip Balister 'Crofton'
  • Richard Purdie 'RP'
  • Martin Jansa 'JaMa' (Simon Busch 'morphis')
  • Denys Dmytriyenko 'denix'
  • Koen Kooi 'koen' ( Khem Raj 'khem')
  • Anders Darander
  • Mark Hatle 'fray' (Otavio Salvador 'otavio')
  • Sean Hudson 'darknighte'
  • Saul Wold 'sgw'
  • Stefan Schmidt
  • Leon
  • David Stewart
  • Jefro
  • Soctt Garman

Non members present and elected to become members

  • Jack Mitchell
  • Andrea Galbusera
  • Ross Burton

Non members not present but elected to become members

  • Bruce Ashfield
  • Ulf S

Meeting notes

Meeting opened 18:35
Attendees Documented
Financially Summary Presented
* Euro 1731
* Taxes had to be filed, issues due to board transition
* German language issues and documents required to be at a German 
  address. Lots of overhead
* No spending in last financial year
* No donations received either
* Switched to SPI for finance
Financial Report Approved
Discussion of expenditure
Things membership generally in favour of:
- travel sponsorship preferred 
- ship event box for conferences
- financial availability for emergency hardware
- promotion at events
Things membership generally not in favour of:
- promotion in e.g. coffee breaks
Discussion about future of e.V. and whether SPI (as an example) would make sense
- nobody against dissolving e.V. in principle
- Feeling that board should investigate and consult members and come up with a proposal
Meeting Ended 19:20