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* Harald Welte
* Harald Welte
* Linuxtogo.org
* Linuxtogo.org
* nslu2-linux.org

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Notes on the OE project infrastructure


  • linuxtogo
    • admins: Nils, Florian, Mickeyl, mhentges
  • amethyst (server owned by Mickey)
    • admins: Mickey, RP, laforge, Rolf, Koen, clarson, Leon, cbrake
  • melo (VM at OSUOSL, donated by nslu2-linux project)
    • admins: Mickey, Zecke, RP, cbrake, rwhitby, OSUOSL staff


Other topics

The OE infrastructure is donated and maintained by

  • User:Mickey
  • Harald Welte
  • Linuxtogo.org
  • nslu2-linux.org