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List of metadata layers compatible with OpenEmbedded-Core:

Layer name Description Repo subdir Repository Repo web Setup/Info
Base layers
openembedded-core Core metadata meta git:// link
meta-oe Additional shared OE metadata meta-oe git:// link
Board / device support layers 1
meta-efikamx Genesi Efika MX machine support git:// link
meta-ettus Ettus machine support link
meta-gumstix Gumstix board support git:// link
meta-handheld Older handheld device support (Zaurus, iPAQ, etc.) git:// link link
meta-htc HTC smartphone support meta-htc link
meta-igep IGEP board support link
meta-intel Intel board support (official) git:// link
meta-nokia Nokia N900 support meta-nokia link
meta-nslu2 Linksys NSLU2 device support git:// link
meta-openmoko OpenMoko device support meta-openmoko link
meta-openpandora OpenPandora machine support git:// link
meta-palm Palm Pre machine support meta-palm link
meta-samsung Samsung smartphone support meta-samsung link
meta-texasinstruments Texas Instruments board support (official) git:// link


meta-xilinx Xilinx hardware support git:// link
Software support layers
meta-efl Enlightenment UI support meta-efl git:// link
meta-fso framework support meta-fso link
meta-gnome GNOME UI support meta-gnome git:// link
meta-gpe GPE UI support (very minimal currently) meta-gpe git:// link
meta-opie Opie UI support git:// link link
meta-xfce XFCE UI support meta-xfce git:// link
Distribution layers
meta-angstrom Ångström distribution git:// link link
meta-aurora aurora distribution meta-aurora link
meta-micro micro distribution git:// link
meta-shr SHR distribution meta-shr link link
meta-slugos SlugOS distribution git:// link
meta-yocto Integration layer for the Yocto Project meta-yocto git:// link link

1 Note: machine support layers are unofficial and not manufacturer-supported unless noted otherwise.