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What is a layer?

In OpenEmbedded, a layer is just a collection of recipes and/or configuration that can be used on top of OE-Core. Typically each layer is organised around a specific theme, e.g. adding recipes for building web browser software.

Where do I find existing layers?

See LayerIndex.

How do I make use of a layer?

Clone / extract it somewhere (typically next to or within your OE-Core base directory) and then add the full path to it to the value of BBLAYERS in your conf/bblayers.conf in your build directory. Note that some layers depend on other layers; it is recommended that you consult the README file within the layer if one is included.

How do I create a new layer?

See Creating a new Layer.

Is there any other documentation on layers?

Yes - the Yocto Project provides a set of manuals that cover layers in some detail.

How do I include an inc file from another layer?

You need to specify the path from the base of the other layer to where the inc file is located; e.g:

require recipes-graphics/xorg-driver/