OEDAM 2017

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Location and Time

Monday February 20 2017

Location TBA

(Before ELC [Feb 21-23] and Yocto Project Developer Day [Feb 24])


  • Armin Kuster (armpit)
  • Philip Balister (Crofton)
  • Trevor Woerner (tlwoerner)
  • Denys Dmytriyenko (denix)
  • Stephano Cetola
  • Matthew McClintock
  • Tim Orling (moto-timo)
  • James Perkins (jamesp)
  • Patrick Ohly (pohly)
  • Richard Purdie (RP)

Agenda Items

  • Review items from last meeting in Berlin (Please add remarks)

Berlin AR's


Yocto-Compatibility requires pushing patches upstream, but Yocto doesn't handle QA for old releases A lot of work for the software vendors rp: have new/separate LTS tree for older releases crofton: how to coordinate between ppl who want this, collect interest in the wiki add maintainer information to the layer repos? rp: write a proposal? → enough interest to set this up

action: Armin will start conversation on the Architecture list Not completed

Windriver ‘setup’ Demo

Conclusion: We want it in OE instead of Yocto (unanimous) Mark: Once able to contribute, talk to halstead for new repo. Repo published. OE has not taken over

Devtool and other stuff (10:04)

Sysroot-Contamination rp: solution “sysroot per recipe”

Suggestion for improvement of how to handle site and user configuration.

Conclusion: Saur will implement the BBPATH_EXTRA and discuss it on the list.

BSPs and layer name recommendations

RP: We can do this by … For Compatible v2 we want to raise the bar. Sanity check for things that keep breaking. Conclusion: Jan-Simon will start a script check the basic stuff, RP should add the checksum checks.


RP: This discussion needs to continue beyond OEDEM

Layer Quality

Conclusion: We need to get the word out and get suggestions.

Make perl and python distro features? [Saur]

Conclusion: No change.

Support for meson build system? [Saur]

Conclusion: Patches welcome, talk to Ross.


Conclusion: RP: This needs to go to the ML

Discuss merging duplicate classes and recipes (metadata)

Conclusion: Duplicate recipes and machines need to be brought up with the maintainers.

Conclusion: Mark, RP, Chris and others should look to create a proposal about resolving the confusion over layer order/priority/etc.

Changes to deploy_image

Conclusion: Document

Discussion on mesa and splitting libgbm

Conclusion: RP: Topic should be discussed with Ross on mailing list.

Discussion of recipe maintainers for oe-core and beyond

RP: This list is a Yocto initiative. They try to get more involvement from the members. There is an incentive to get more ppl involved (recipe reporting system):