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The 2015 OpenEmbedded Developer's European Meeting will take place Friday, Oct 9, 2015 in Dublin, Ireland. Part of this meeting will also constitute the annual OE General Assembly, and some corporation/eV matters will be discussed.

Location and Time

The Gibson Hotel
Point Village
Dublin 1, Ireland
+353 1 681 5000

9am - 5pm (note: times may change)

OpenEmbedded eV General Assembly

We have a short administrative meeting before starting the Developer meeting. All are welcome for this.

  • Proposal to dissolve the current e.V. and re-constituting it in the U.S. to reduce the administrative burden for the project.
  • Define a method for identifying lapsed memberships.
  • Proxy form File:Proxy instructions-oe.pdf


  • Standards for BSP behavior. (Crofton)
  • Tentative: User/group definitions. Distribution wide (uid/gid) vs layer wide (primary group, path, description, etc for users). (Saur)
  • LayerIndex feature requests (tlwoerner)
    • build feedback (autobuilders and off-site)
    • master branch parsability
  • Systemd packaging. As new things appear, they are lumped into one package. Update split? (Crofton relaying info)
  • meta-yocto -> meta-poky. People are still spending too much time explaining reality. (Crofton)
  • OVERRIDE syntax: is it time to reconsider _?


If you plan to attend, please list your name below.

  1. Jeff Osier-Mixon (jefro)
  2. Philip Balister (Crofton)
  3. Trevor Woerner (tlwoerner)
  4. Anders Darander (andersd)
  5. Marco Cavallini (mckoan)
  6. Koen Kooi (koen)
  7. Alexandre Belloni (abelloni)
  8. Armin Kuster (armpit)
  9. Belén Barros Pena (belen) (tentative)
  10. Peter Kjellerstedt (Saur)
  11. Alejandro del Castillo (adelcast)
  12. Denys Dmytriyenko (denix)
  13. Sean Hudson (darknighte)
  14. Nathan Rossi (nrossi)
  15. Mark Hatle (fray)
  16. Nicolas Dechesne (ndec)
  17. Paul Eggleton (bluelightning)