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Location and Time

Held after the Yocto Project Summit , The OE Developers Meeting is scheduled for Friday, 20 May 2022 between 12:00 and 20:00 UTC. The exact times for each individual topic are found below in the schedule.


As always, we will collect topics on the wiki at https://wiki.openembedded.org/OEDVM_2022_05.

For the actual developer meeting, there will be pre-assigned timeslots for each topic. The moderator(s) will open with a short introduction/presentation to introduce the topic.

Topic Ideas

These are topics that were suggested for previous OE developer meetings and have not been covered yet. They should be seen as starting ideas on things that can be discussed.

(In no particular order)

Topic Moderator(s) Estimate of time
Future of eSDK  ?  ?
bblock/bbunlock  ?  ?
layer.conf changes  ?  ?
Data store operation changes  ?  ?
Syntax removal  ?  ?
Data store internal rewrite  ?  ?
f-string in Python code (and more modern python in general)  ?  ?
Bitbake internal changes  ?  ?
Merging optional functionality to make it mandatory  ?  ?
Dropping core features  ?  ?
Security (PSiRT)  ?  ?
Layer setup configuration  ?  ?
QA Automation  ?  ?
Code submission process  ?  ?
Software updates  ?  ?
AI/ML  ?  ?