OEDVM Nov 2021

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Location and Time

Held after the Yocto Project Summit , The OE Developers Meeting is scheduled for Friday, 03 December 2021 between 12:00 and 20:00 UTC. The exact times for each individual topic are found below in the schedule.

We will be using Automotive Grade Linux's Zoom (and many thanks to AGL for this!) https://zoom.us/j/99151508871


As always, we will collect topics on the wiki at https://www.openembedded.org/OEDVM_Nov_2021.

For the actual developer meeting, there will be pre-assigned timeslots for each topic. The moderator(s) will open with a short introduction/presentation to introduce the topic.

Topic Ideas

(In no particular order)

Topic Moderator(s) Estimate of time
Future direction for SBOM Ross Burton, Saul Wold, Joshua Watt  ?
Replacing Sato with Phosh Joshua Watt, Tim Orling  ?
Future of eSDK  ?  ?
bblock/bbunlock  ?  ?
Binary distributions Bruce Ashfield  ?
Modern languages (e.g. go)  ?  ?
Inclusive language Jon Mason, Tim Orling 15mins
layer.conf changes  ?  ?
Data store operation changes  ?  ?
Syntax removal  ?  ?
Data store internal rewrite  ?  ?
f-string in Python code (and more modern python in general)  ?  ?
Bitbake internal changes  ?  ?
Merging optional functionality to make it mandatory  ?  ?
Dropping core features  ?  ?
Migration to SPDX license Ross Burton, Joshua Watt  ?
Security (PSiRT)  ?  ?
Layer setup configuration  ?  ?
Yocto Project compatibility Armin  ?
QA Automation  ?  ?
Code submission process  ?  ?
Software updates  ?  ?
AI/ML  ?  ?
Increasing OE membership and voter turnout OE Board member  ?