OpenEmbedded Tools for Eclipse (OTE)

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This page is a work in progress.  

OpenEmbedded Tools for Eclipse (OTE) is a set of Eclipse plugins to make using OpenEmbedded from within Eclipse possible.


OTE is in a beta form. Functionality present within the plugins should work well, but development on them is fairly new. Bugs are expected!


OTE is licensed under the Eclipse Public License (EPL).


Sources are available at svn://


The OTE updatesite, used to install the plugins from within Eclipse:


OTE is designed to facilitate a set of typical actions or tasks that an OE developer would do.

Install OpenEmbedded

1. To install a new copy of OpenEmbedded, select the wizard from the File -> New... -> Other... menu. Ote create project wizard 1.png

2. Next, select the flavor of OpenEmbedded you wish to install. Ote create project wizard 2.png

3. Now specify configuration parameters. If fields are unfamiliar, leave the defaults and proceed. Ote create project wizard 3.png

4. Assuming all the necessary system tools are available, the wizard will download sources and configure your new OpenEmbedded install.

Ote create project wizard 4.png

When the wizard completes (this may take some time) you will find a new project in your workspace that contains your new OpenEmbedded install. You can browse the files as any other Eclipse project.

Import Existing OE into Workspace

Create Recipe

Edit Recipe

Editor templates and hover-over information

Build Recipe

Import Recipe sources as new project

Browse OE variables