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Machines Comparison

Warning This Comparison could be incomplete

Machine CPU Main memory Display LAN/WLAN Storage Input Other hardware Proprietary Drivers Last stable Kernel version Compatible Distributions (as in conf/distro in the openembedded tree)
Techsol’s Medallion System computers SA2410 Medallion CPU Module (Samsung S3C2410A(L) @ 12 MHz to 200 or 266 MHz) 64 or 128 MB OLED, Color TFT LCDs: qVGA (320x240) 3.5"; WqVGA (480x272) 4.3"; VGA (640x480) 5.7"; all with LED backlight and optional touch screen 10BaseT Ethernet (Cirrus 8900a); 10/100BaseT Fast Ethernet (SMSC 9118); Power over Ethernet (PoE) available; IEEE 802.11a/b/g WLAN dongles connected to USB Host port Boot Flash: Medallion boot loaders, debugger in 2 MB of NOR flash; Data Flash: DiskOnChip (16 to 64 MB) or NAND flash (32 MB to 2 GB!); USB Host ports for USB mass storage; MMC/SD card slot Push buttons; touch screen Serial (RS232, RS485), IrDA, USB Host (for Bluetooth dongle, for example) and Device, I²C, SPI, ... None current 2.6.x (2.6.30+) Angstrom
Note: Techsol’s machines are not yet in the upstream/public OE tree. They will be added soon.
Beagle Board OMAP3530 @ 400, 500, or 600 MHz 128MB DDR 256MB,SD card slot 2 buttons 3D chip 3D chip userland libraries Angstrom
Nokia N800 OMAP2420@400 MHz 128MB 800x480 touchscreen wifi 256MB,2SDHC slots touchscreen,2 buttons GPS sound,power management,wifi(need a proprietary userland calibration tool),dsp are not free  ? mamona,others?
Openmoko GTA02 (Neo FreeRunner) ARM920T@400MHz(ARM v4T) 128MB 480x640 vga touchscreen(glamo graphic chip) wifi(ar6k) 256MB flash,microSDHC slot touchscreen TI calypso GSM, GPRS modem, GPS, Bluetooth, 2*3D accelerometers, USB 100% free driver (but 3 firmwares: gsm, wifi and gps) 2.6.28 Openmoko, Angstrom, SHR
OXNAS ARM926EJ-S@367MHz 128Kbyte on-chip SRAM, 128Mbytes DDR1/2 SDRAM integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet MAC with MII and GMII support 1-2 SATA ports 2 buttons USB, PCI, 128-bit AES engine 2.6.24 Angstrom
Ronetix PM9263 AT91SAM9263 240MHz System on module 64MB DRAM integrated 10/100 Ethernet MAC with MII support 4MB NOR Flash, 256 MB NAND Flash touchscreen USB, Serial number chip DS2401 2.6.28 Angstrom or the angstrom based KaeilOS
Marvell Sheevaplug Marvell Kirkwood MV88F6281 1.2GHz 512MB DDR2 NA integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet MAC with RGMII support 512 MB NAND Flash, SD card slot 1 button accessible internally, 1 externally USB 2.0 host & client ports (com port and ARM JTAG via client) None Angstrom