Overview of OE supported machines

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Machines Comparison

Warning This Comparison could be incomplete

Machine CPU Ram Display Network Storage Input Other hardware Proprietary Drivers Last stable Kernel version Compatible Distributions(as in conf/distro in the openembedded tree)
Beagle Board OMAP3530@400 500 or 600Mhz 128MB DDR 256MB,SD card slot 2 buttons 3D chip 3D chip userland libraries Angstrom
Nokia N800 OMAP2420@400 MHz 128MB 800x480 touchscreen wifi 256MB,2SDHC slots touchscreen,2 buttons GPS sound,power management,wifi(need a proprietary userland calibration tool),dsp are not free  ? mamona,others?
Openmoko GTA02 (FreeRunner) ARM920T@400Mhz(arm v4t) 128MB 480x640 vga touchscreen(glamo graphic chip) wifi(ar6k) 256MB flash,micro-sd slot touchscreen Ti calypso GSM,GPRS modem,GPS 100% free driver (but 3 firmwares: gsm, wifi and gps) 2.6.28 OpenMoko, Angstrom
OXNAS ARM926EJ-S@367MHz 128Kbyte on-chip SRAM, 128Mbytes DDR1/2 SDRAM integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet MAC with MII and GMII support 1-2 SATA ports 2 buttons USB, PCI, 128-bit AES engine 2.6.24 Angstrom
Ronetix PM9263 AT91SAM9263 240MHz System on module 64MB DRAM integrated 10/100 Ethernet MAC with MII support 4MB NOR Flash, 256 MB NAND Flash touchscreen USB, Serial number chip DS2401 2.6.28 KaeilOS