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OE Technical Steering Committee

The TSC consists of 5 people and will be elected by, and ultimately be answerable to, the members of the OE e.V.


Philip Blundell (pb_)
Chris Larson (kergoth)
Michael 'Mickey' Lauer (mickeyl)
Richard Purdie (RP)
Holger Freyther (zecke)


On a day-to-day basis the TSC will be responsible for making tactical policy decisions, resolving disputes between contributors, administering access control to the git tree, and generally promoting good development practice.

Decision Making

Decisions are made where necessary by majority vote. Once a decision is made by the technical steering committee, the decision should be respected as a democratic decision.

Outstanding items (sorted by occurence)

* Convert remaining recipes to new style staging
* Make packaged-staging mandantory
* Make the insane.bbclass mandantory, make it default to only complain
* Ongoing campaign to deprecate/remove old recipes (use common sense, allow review)
* Rename org.openembedded.dev to master

Old Minutes