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(Reliable Embedded Systems - Austria/Greece)
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=== Reliable Embedded Systems - Austria/Greece ===
=== Reliable Embedded Systems - Austria/Greece - focus on central Europa ===
==== Who is the trainer? ====
==== Who is the trainer? ====

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The companies and individuals listed here provide OpenEmbedded and Yocto Project related training. Let's try and keep the entries in alphabetical order.

Company example 1

We provide awesome training and can correctly describe the difference between OpenEmbedded and the Yocto Project.

ChargeStorm AB - Sweden (all Nordic countries)

We provide open sessions, as well as on-site trainings focused on OpenEmbedded / Yocto Project, Embedded Linux, Device drivers. The trainings are normally handled through Nohau Solutions AB. On-site sessions can be customised according to your needs. ChargeStorm has extensive experience in embedded Linux, both in our own products, as well as in contracting work. OpenEmbedded has been the basis for our work for quite a few years. We've been doing BSP, systems design, and build systems.

  • OpenEmbedded / Yocto Project 3-day training. This training assumes that you're familiar with Linux and Embedded Linux. We'll start by setting up and building a small image, and soon we'll be extending recipes, write our own recipes, create an SDK, and learn a lot about everything else.

If needed, we also have Basic Embedded Linux and Introduction to Linux Device Drivers. All trainers for these trainings comes from ChargeStorm AB.

KOAN sas - Italy

We provide training courses at the customer's facilities worldwide or at our office in Bergamo, Italy focused on Linux embedded, OpenEmbedded, Yocto Project, Device drivers and Qt library. We have an advanced level course focusing on OpenEmbedded build environment and Yocto Project. This course provides the necessary information to configure and use Openembedded, git and bitbake to build an embedded linux distribution from scratch. It will also cover the full management of recipes overlay using custom layers.

The objective of KOAN courses is to supply to the participants a complete technical preparation that puts them in the position to managing the job or the whole project in autonomy.

All courses are in Italian language. Courses in English are available on request. All courses will be organized using desktop systems based on Ubuntu linux as Host system.

Training courses in italian and english

Reliable Embedded Systems - Austria/Greece - focus on central Europa

Who is the trainer?

Robert's expertise ranges from the smallest real-time systems (FreeRTOS) to set-ups with multiple processors/cores and embedded GNU/Linux (user-, kernel-space, device drivers, hardware interfacing, debugging, multi-core, Yocto Project) with a focus on free and open source software. Robert is a globe-trotter. He is CEO & Embedded Software Specialist at Reliable Embedded Systems which is based in St. Barbara, Austria, and when not travelling, lives with his family in Athens, Greece.

Our trainings

The Yocto Project - An Overview (3 days)

Please note that this is not an introductory course to Embedded GNU/Linux like the one we offer here. You should already know how Embedded GNU/Linux works and maybe you even configured/built the Linux kernel for some of your projects.

Overview of our (other) trainings


Training delivery options

All the training material is English, but the presentation of it can be in English or in German, as you wish. Trainings can be delivered world-wide. We delivered on-site trainings in those places.

  • on-site - instructor driven *)
  • on-line - instructor driven **)
  • on-site/on-line combination - instructor driven *)**)

During the training we’ll provide laptops*), boards*)**), workbooks(in English)*)**), remote access to servers and boards **), screen-sharing **), audio-bridge **). For possible training delivery options check here and/or ask here.

How to reach us?

Sidebranch - The Netherlands

We provide training-on-the-job to bring your team up to speed with technologies like OpenEmbedded Core and Yocto Project to realize your next Linux product. We are experienced with board-bring up, boot loader modifications, firmware upgrade and provisioning, device driver development, application design, FPGA design and board design services. Typically we engage early during the architectural phase to help make system-wide decisions on hardware and software, and help you get up to speed with all involved technologies. Your team can make a quick-start on realizing the core application, while the team members learn how an Embedded Linux project is realized with OpenEmbedded and Yocto Project. Our OpenEmbedded training is on-the-job meaning we take the hardware used in your project and focus on things that need to be done for the project realization.

We work with international customers, either on-site or remotely. We speak Dutch and English and read German. The founder of Sidebranch, Leon Woestenberg, has over 20 years experience with Linux and over 10 years experience with OpenEmbedded.