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OpenEmbedded needs to be present with a booth at conferences etc. For this the OEEV is planning to reimburse volunteers. This page is about collecting the information about travel costs and come to a conclusion of how much each helper is reimbursed and what the details for reimbursement are.


There should be at least 2 people per day at the OpenEmbedded booth. If the event is a short one like FOSDEM (2 days) it is fine if the same two people are there during the whole conference.

CeBIT lasts usually from Tuesday to Saturday and is a very busy event. Supporters should be changed every few days so that not one person mans the booth everyday.


Costs are estimated from US GSA per-diem rates. These are likely high, but should be well understood by corporate accountants.

Event Dates People Days Hotel Meals Travel Total
SCALE Jan 20-22 2 3 125 71 400 1976
FOSDEM Feb 4-5 4 2 210 165 400 4600
CeBIT March 6-10 4 5 203 138 400 8420
Linuxtag May 23-26 4 4 268 161 400 8464

Costs for travel (in Europe)

Varies from 20€ (public transport) to 2000€ (late-booked flight ticket). We should pay up to 300€ for this.


Companies usually pay 24€ per day.


Hotels costs are in the range of 80 to 100€ per night.

U.S. Per diem rates

Foreign Per diem rates