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Ph. D. University of California, Physics

Held positions in Academia working at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in Palo Alto, CA, developing boards for Data acquisition systems. He then held position in High Tech industry for IBM, Silicon Graphics. After moving back to Europe, worked as Product Designer for Telecom equipments & Payment Terminals. Designed, and promoted products for Point of Sales and Payphone services, smart card transaction processing, fraud management, Secure Application Module Development and Key Distribution scheme. Co-founder and CTO of a Networking Security Start-up (eMaze Communications) serving several Blue-chips companies. Then jointed STMIcroelectronics first as Product & Application Manager, then as Central Marketing Director for the Secure Microcontroller Division.

Despite current non-technical position, I enjoy embedded world, developing small microcontroller boards and firmware for personal projects, expecially where wireless connectiity is involved.