[bitbake-devel] Conditional DAG recalculation at build time

Daniel Levin dendy.ua at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 07:06:36 UTC 2018

In short: does bitbake support dependency graph recalculation at build time?

I am looking for a dependency resolution similar to BYPRODUCTS in CMake and
restat in Ninja.

In other words when task _after_ execution might tell that output did not
actually change. So all dependencies of that target should not be updated.
Even when initially they were treated as (potentially) to be updated.

Usually in CMake that results in remaining task count decreased instantly
during build time, because in fact they must not be running.

I found documentation in bitbake about task _input_ checksum, which is used
to evaluate whether task need to be executed.
So I am looking for the similar checksum for the task _output_. And when
task does not change that output checksum means that dependencies of that
output does not need to be triggered.

If this topic is well known and documented then could you please point me
to the appropriate section in the documentation?

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