[bitbake-devel] [PATCH 00/25] 1.44 Patch review

Armin Kuster akuster808 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 02:22:45 UTC 2020

This is a consolidate set which includes last weeks series. 

Passes on AB. Please have comment back by Monday.

The following changes since commit cfa307aabf710d79c404a8571b4158b864a94727:

  runqueue.py: not show warning for deferred multiconfig task (2019-11-29 11:26:07 +0000)

are available in the Git repository at:

  git://git.openembedded.org/bitbake-contrib stable/1.44-nut

Aníbal Limón (1):
  lib/bb: Add BB_SIGNATURE_LOCAL_DIRS_EXCLUDE to speed-up taskhash on

Chris Laplante via bitbake-devel (1):
  bb.utils.fileslocked: don't leak files if yield throws

Joshua Watt (1):
  runqueue: Batch scenequeue updates

Ola x Nilsson (1):
  prserv/serv: Use with while reading pidfile

Richard Purdie (21):
  hashserv: Add support for equivalent hash reporting
  runqueue/siggen: Allow handling of equivalent hashes
  runqueue: Add extra debugging when locked sigs mismatches occur
  knotty/uihelper: Switch from pids to tids for Task event management
  siggen: Avoid taskhash mismatch errors for nostamp tasks when
    dependencies rehash
  siggen: Ensure new unihash propagates through the system
  siggen: Fix performance issue in get_unihash
  runqueue: Rework process_possible_migrations() to improve performance
  runqueue: Fix task mismatch failures from incorrect logic
  siggen: Split get_tashhash for performance
  runqueue: Fix sstate task iteration performance
  runqueue: Optimise task migration code slightly
  runqueue: Optimise out pointless loop iteration
  runqueue: Optimise task filtering
  runqueue: Only call into the migrations function if migrations active
  lib/bb: Optimise out debug messages from cooker
  runqueue: Fix equiv hash handling build failures
  runqueue: Ensure task dependencies are run correctly
  runqueue: Fix task dependency corner case in sanity test
  siggen: Test extra cross/native hashserv method
  cache: Lower debug level for wold build messages

 lib/bb/__init__.py        |   5 ++
 lib/bb/build.py           |  25 +++----
 lib/bb/cache.py           |   6 +-
 lib/bb/checksum.py        |   5 +-
 lib/bb/fetch2/__init__.py |   4 +-
 lib/bb/runqueue.py        | 137 +++++++++++++++++++++++---------------
 lib/bb/siggen.py          | 104 +++++++++++++++++++++++------
 lib/bb/ui/knotty.py       |  12 ++--
 lib/bb/ui/uihelper.py     |  39 ++++++-----
 lib/bb/utils.py           |   9 +--
 lib/hashserv/client.py    |   8 +++
 lib/hashserv/server.py    |  36 ++++++++++
 lib/prserv/serv.py        |  12 ++--
 13 files changed, 277 insertions(+), 125 deletions(-)


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