[bitbake-devel] devtool hardcodes using 'git' patchtool which causes errors

Adrian Ambrożewicz adrian.ambrozewicz at linux.intel.com
Tue Jan 21 09:36:46 UTC 2020

In poky sources i can see that default PATCHTOOL used is 'quilt' 
and it works flawlessly. Devtool however still defaults to legacy 'git' 
PATCHTOOL, as specified here:
  > f.write('PATCHTOOL = "git"\n')

I've tried to debug the problem but I'm not very familiar with Bitbake 
code, so I wonder if we could default to 'quilt' for devtool as well?

'git' PATCHER doesn't work well when he have nested WORKDIR and 
striplevel used. 'bitbake -c patch [pkg]' works fine, but 'devtool 
modify [pkg]' fails with weird behavior. For example - new files created 
by patches are created in wrong location (WORKDIR instead of nested 
directory) and package doesn't compile until manually fixed.


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