[OE-core] [PATCH 09/13] icu: update to 58.1

Khem Raj raj.khem at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 17:22:01 UTC 2016

> On Nov 2, 2016, at 5:16 AM, Burton, Ross <ross.burton at intel.com> wrote:
> On 1 November 2016 at 15:25, Alexander Kanavin <alexander.kanavin at linux.intel.com <mailto:alexander.kanavin at linux.intel.com>> wrote:
> The copyright for the software has been transferred to Unicode Inc from IBM,
> but the terms are same.
> libiculx and libicule are no longer produced as they depend on an external
> package icu-le-hb (previous versions had an option of using an internal
> implementation which now has been dropped). I have verified that icu
> dependencies in oe-core and meta-oe still build.
> Signed-off-by: Alexander Kanavin <alexander.kanavin at linux.intel.com <mailto:alexander.kanavin at linux.intel.com>>
> This breaks under musl:
> ../../icu/source/i18n/digitlst.cpp:67:24: fatal error: xlocale.h: No such file or directory
>  #   include <xlocale.h>
> musl doesn't have xlocale.h but does have a crippled strtod_l (doesn't actually support a passed in locale, which is the entire point of the _l functions).
> Upstreams such as pulseaudio have done https://bugs.freedesktop.org/attachment.cgi?id=118644 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/attachment.cgi?id=118644> to guard the include, but I see that digitlist.cpp has an alternative branch where strtod_l isn't supported: as that function on musl is crippled maybe ICU should be told not to use it?

the _l functions were added as aliases for ABI compatibility reasons, however, it should work well and is compatible with glibc versions. however its not defined that
it should only come from xlocale.h so we should check for xlocale.h to be present on rootfs before using it.

> Ross
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