[OE-core] Looking for a way to build latest tagged releases in recipes

Pascal Huerst pascal.huerst at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 11:59:31 UTC 2020

On 09/01/2020 11:51, Richard Purdie wrote> I did look at and think a bit
about your patch. The trouble for me (as
> the bitbake maintainer) is that:
> a) it isn't clear/obvious from the variable name what it does (or even 
>    from the code)
> b) it adds yet more options to the fetcher which increases the test 
>    matrix and possible ways things can break
> c) the test doesn't actually test it does what its supposed to (no 
>    check is made on which output is downloaded for a given revision)

I certainly wouldn't insist on the name and considered it a proposal,
but you're right, it's not obvious at all. As for test-ability, I can
relate to your concerns and understand that you don't want to maintain a
corner-case like this - Which leads me to the conclusion that we should
probably rethink our internal concept for release builds...

> Some of these can be fixed, some are much harder and I can't decide if
> supporting this kind of edge case is going to be an overall good thing
> for the project or not. I don't want to give you false hope by fixing
> c) only to say "no".


> Add in Khem's valid concerns about reproducibility and it makes it a
> tough one even to give feedback on.
> If we have a ton of users saying "yes we really need this", that would
> help but I haven't seen that as yet...

Fair enough.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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