[OE-core] [master][zeus][PATCH] cairo: Adapt license for cairo-dbg and cairo-src based on contents

Joshua Watt jpewhacker at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 22:02:19 UTC 2020

On 1/10/20 3:58 PM, Peter Kjellerstedt wrote:
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>> From: Joshua Watt <jpewhacker at gmail.com>
>> Sent: den 10 januari 2020 16:23
>> To: Peter Kjellerstedt <peter.kjellerstedt at axis.com>; openembedded-
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>> Subject: Re: [OE-core] [master][zeus][PATCH] cairo: Adapt license for
>> cairo-dbg and cairo-src based on contents
>> On 12/5/19 4:26 PM, Peter Kjellerstedt wrote:
>>> Introduce a PACKAGECONFIG "trace" to disable cairo-trace (the only
>>> part of the code licensed as GPL-3.0, and which is normally packaged
>>> separately in cairo-perf-utils). By disabling this, we can adapt the
>>> licenses for cairo-dbg and cairo-src so that they do not include
>>> "GPLv3+" when trace is disabled and thus they can be used also when,
>>> e.g., GPL-3.0 is blacklisted in INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE.
>> Thanks for this, it fixes a build error I was experiencing. However,
> Out of curiosity, how can it fix a build failure?

As you pointed out in the commit message, it allows image construction 
when INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE contains "GPL-3.0" :)

>> when I apply this patch locally for testing, I get QA errors saying that
>> the "/usr/bin" and "/usr/lib/cairo" directories aren't part of any
>> package. It looks like these directories are empty when trace is
>> disabled and should be removed in do_install ?
> Ok, that's embarrassing. Apparently I had --disable-script in
> EXTRA_OECONF (from a local bbappend we have) when I tested without
> "trace" in PACKAGECONFIG, and apparently that causes cairo-sphinx
> not to be built and thus the /usr/bin and /usr/lib/cairo directories
> are never created.
> I'll send an updated patch.
> //Peter

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