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The triage team is starting to try and collect up and classify bugs which a
newcomer to the project would be able to work on in a way which means people
can find them. They're being listed on the triage page under the appropriate




The idea is these bugs should be straight forward for a person to help work
on who doesn't have deep experience with the project.  If anyone can help,
please take ownership of the bug and send patches!  If anyone needs
help/advice there are people on irc who can likely do so, or some of the
more experienced contributors will likely be happy to help too.


Also, the triage team meets weekly and does its best to handle the bugs
reported into the Bugzilla. The number of people attending that meeting has
fallen, as have the number of people available to help fix bugs. One of the
things we hear users report is they don't know how to help. We (the triage
team) are therefore going to start reporting out the currently 293
unassigned or newcomer bugs.


We're hoping people may be able to spare some time now and again to help out
with these.  Bugs are split into two types, "true bugs" where things don't
work as they should and "enhancements" which are features we'd want to add
to the system.  There are also roughly four different "priority" classes
right now, "3.1", "3.2, "3.99" and "Future", the more pressing/urgent issues
being in "3.1" and then "3.2".


Please review this link and if a bug is something you would be able to help
with either take ownership of the bug, or send me (sjolley.yp.pm at gmail.com
<mailto:sjolley.yp.pm at gmail.com> ) an e-mail with the bug number you would
like and I will assign it to you (please make sure you have a Bugzilla
account).  The list is at:




Stephen K. Jolley

Yocto Project Project Manager

*    Cell:                (208) 244-4460

* Email:              sjolley.yp.pm at gmail.com
<mailto:sjolley.yp.pm at gmail.com> 


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