[OE-core] [oe-core] attr dependency on linux-yocto

Vladimir Molokov vladimir.molokov at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 23:22:18 UTC 2020


Question about attr. I'm not familiar with it.

On a clean poky is it normal(not a bug?) to have deps such as

"attr.do_build" -> "linux-libc-headers.do_package_write_rpm"
"attr.do_build" -> "linux-yocto.do_deploy"
"attr.do_build" -> "linux-yocto.do_package_write_rpm"

How they are appear? I didn't find anything in attr which could be the cause.
It's just a clean poky from a repo, after . oe-init-build-env and
bitbake -g attr.
Appreciate any hints.


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