[OE-core] Looking for a way to build latest tagged releases in recipes

chris.laplante at agilent.com chris.laplante at agilent.com
Sat Jan 18 01:11:24 UTC 2020

> Cross the first TODO off the list:
> https://gist.github.com/mostthingsweb/39e24b329de70c0212e5bf21a431e143/8d1a5f51b3c0bf260c730ed5716d9807c78335b8
> (BTW eventually I will move this to poky-contrib; gist is just more convenient for me for the short term. If there's a desire for it to
> happen sooner let me know.)

revrecord.bbclass has been moved to the cpl/revrecord branch of poky-contrib.  

I have added the ability to capture the branch for git repositories. Please check it out.


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