[OE-core] [PATCH v5 00/13] NPM refactoring

Jean-Marie LEMETAYER jean-marie.lemetayer at savoirfairelinux.com
Mon Jan 20 10:26:52 UTC 2020

Hi folks and happy new year,

For readability here is a link if you want the history of this patchset:

--- V4

The patches can be found here:

 - Two fetchers are available: npm and npmsw

 - The npm fetcher is used to fetch a single package from a registry.

 - The npmsw fetcher is used to fetch the dependencies of a package. It uses a
   npm shrinkwrap file to list the dependencies. The file can be edited
   manually if some dependencies needs to be updated.

 - Both fetcher are independent.

   For example you can have a main package using npm:
     SRC_URI = "npm://registry.url;package=foobar;version=1.0.0 \

   The main package can also be fetched another way without changing anything:
     SRC_URI = "git://github.com/foo/bar.git;protocol=https \

 - The npm class is in charge of executing the 'npm install'. This installation
   is executed completely offline. The package sources can be patched safely
   before the build.

 - The npm class populates a local npm cache during the do_configure task. As
   this step can take time the support of a progress bar have been added.

 - The devtool and recipetool scripts have been updated to match the new
   fetchers and class. The licences are handled and split by dependencies.

 - Both fetcher, the recipe creation and the recipe build are covered by tests.

 - Using devtool I have successfully generated and built recipe for:
   - My test application:
   - The angular cli which will be used to build angular applications:
   - The mozilla iot gateway which is a big project with a lot of dependencies:
     To build this project you have to manually add this line in the recipe:
       DEPENDS = "nanomsg sqlite3 libuv"

--- V5

The patches can be found here:

 - As suggested by Christopher, the class now use the shlex.quote() function
   to handle arguments to shell functions.

Jean-Marie LEMETAYER (13):
  classes/npm: refactor the npm class
  classes/npm: restrict the build to be offline
  classes/npm: use the local node headers
  classes/npm: use the native python
  classes/npm: force to rebuild the prebuild addons
  devtool: npm: rename npm command line options
  recipetool/create_npm: refactor the npm recipe creation handler
  recipetool/create_npm: handle the licenses of the dependencies
  lib/oe/package: remove unneeded npm_split_package_dirs function
  devtool/standard: npm: update the append file
  recipetool/create: npm: remove the 'noverify' url parameter
  oeqa/selftest/recipetool: add npm recipe creation test
  oeqa/selftest/devtool: add npm recipe build test

 meta/classes/npm.bbclass                   | 363 ++++++++++++---
 meta/lib/oe/package.py                     |  33 --
 meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/cases/devtool.py    |  20 +
 meta/lib/oeqa/selftest/cases/recipetool.py |  25 +
 scripts/lib/devtool/standard.py            |  18 +-
 scripts/lib/recipetool/create.py           |  10 +-
 scripts/lib/recipetool/create_npm.py       | 514 +++++++++------------
 7 files changed, 567 insertions(+), 416 deletions(-)


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