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Tue Jan 21 15:49:58 UTC 2020

Current Dev Position: YP 3.1 M2

Next Deadline: YP 3.1 M2 build date 1/20/2020


Next Team Meetings:

*	Bug Triage meeting Thursday Jan. 23th  at 7:30am PDT (
<https://zoom.us/j/454367603> https://zoom.us/j/454367603)
*	Monthly Project Meeting Tuesday Feb. 4th  at 8am PDT (
<https://zoom.us/j/990892712> https://zoom.us/j/990892712)
*	Weekly Engineering Sync Tuesday Jan. 21th at 8am PDT (
<https://zoom.us/j/990892712> https://zoom.us/j/990892712)
*	Twitch - Next event is Tuesday Feb. 11th at 8am PDT (
<https://www.twitch.tv/yocto_project> https://www.twitch.tv/yocto_project)


Tip of the Week:

*	'You can quickly test a change to a recipe on a target by rebuilding
it alone, then rsyncing pieces of WORKDIR/image/ or
WORKDIR/packages-split/PACKAGENAME/ rather than rebuilding the image (bit of
a hack but effective).
*	(anyone with tips they'd like to see here, please send to Stephen or


Key Status/Updates:

*	YP 3.1 M2 will build shortly, the only remaining blocking issue is
the buildtools-extended-tarball fixes which should happen today.
*	Python 2 has been finally removed from OE-Core. This was long
scheduled and whilst its causing problems for other layers, we really need
to resolve those issues now rather than later in the release cycle so it is
the right time to finally do this.
*	Patch merging continues to be making good progress and staying
roughly up to date.
*	The patch metrics showed significant improvement this week, partly
from continuing work done by Alex Kanavin in keeping things up to date but
also from the python2 removal.
*	Bruce is struggling to get the 5.4 kernel to work on all platforms
and any help, particularly with MIPS would be much appreciated. This is
blocking the kernel updates at this point.
*	We're starting to see problems as distros enable seccomp in file
which then conflicts with our use of pseudo. We need to come up with a
better fix but for now, a wrapper script which adds "-S" to the command line
for file, injected into PATH is a workaround.
*	There is continued concern about the number of
recurring/intermittent failures in the automated testing, mostly from
selftest and testimage.
*	There is a separate email about buildtools tarballs continuing
toolchains to support building on wider combinations of host distros, please
see that for more info if interested in this.
*	We continue to struggle to get clean 'full' builds.
*	The triage team is worried about attendance at triage meetings and
the project is finding it hard to find people to help fix bugs. If anyone is
willing to work on bugs, assistance would be greatly appreciated.


YP 3.1 Milestone Dates:

*	YP 3.1 M2 build date 1/20/2020
*	YP 3.1 M2 release date 1/31/2020
*	YP 3.1 M3 build date 2/24/2020
*	YP 3.1 M3 release date 3/6/2020
*	YP 3.1 M4 build date  3/30/2020
*	YP 3.1 M4 release date  4/24/2020


Planned upcoming dot releases:

*	YP 2.7.3 build date  2/10/2020
*	YP 2.7.3 release date 2/21/2020
*	YP 3.0.2 build date  2/3/2020
*	YP 3.0.2 release date 2/14/2020


Tracking Metrics:

*	WDD 2758 (last week 2772) (
*	Poky Patch Metrics  

*	Total patches found: 1357 (last week 1411)
*	Patches in the Pending State: 536 (39%) [last week 562 (40%)]


The Yocto Project's technical governance is through its Technical Steering
Committee, more information is available at:



The Status reports are now stored on the wiki at:


[If anyone has suggestions for other information you'd like to see on this
weekly status update, let us know!]




Stephen K. Jolley

Yocto Project Program Manager

*    Cell:                (208) 244-4460

* Email:              sjolley.yp.pm at gmail.com
<mailto:sjolley.yp.pm at gmail.com> 


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